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Live Experience Design

“Measure twice. Cut once.”

– Carpentry Proverb





First stage review (Age 12)
Alternative Rock Musician performs for Jennifer Lopez on American Idol.


Hero’s Last Request

Taking Care of Business

The Greenroom Brooklyn & Trust Co. (Restructured 2010-2020 Brands)

w/ Johnny Arco & TSE Management

Current (2021-2022) Brands

Persona Structure w/ Broadcast Music Inc. @rtsmediaink $reasonlogiclaw $juanpablochavez

FAER Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Fine Arts Education Reform


Current Domain List for Production

Sheet Music Preparation

Christmas Hymn
Original Lead Sheet

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Education Technology

IDL (Intelligence Distance Learning) Systems UI Design work 2005
Interface Design (2005)

Legal Writings

Hon. Amy Dismissal

360° Deal

Mother Court Order

Select A/V Recordings

Violin Solo at Kennedy Center on Oye Guajira Mi Son
Take My Hand (Un-Mixed Raw Demo) Feat. Ernie Tunewell
I Think of You
You’re Worth It All

“The artists must be sacrificed to their art. Like the bees, they must put their lives into the sting they give.”

– Ralph W. Emerson

JUAN PABLO CHAVEZ; B. S., M. A., Essential Music Industry Worker

Bach. of Science in Business Management & Leadership, Capella University;

M. Arts. Creative Media & Technology, Live Experience Design Specialty, Berklee NYC Power Station Studios;

Music Industry Essentials Certification, NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

Letters of Recommendation

“[H]e truly possesses a gift to bring out the best in artists of all ages, abilities and performing styles.”

Kenny Kozol, M.S.Ed.
K-12 Performing Arts Curriculum Coordinator
Public Schools of Brookline, MA

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“Good lord. This is something I expect that I’ll never forget, as long as I live. The end of the show, with ‘Gone,’ and ‘This is Going to Kill Me,’ and the aerialists… filled up all the senses.”

Rob Hayes, AVP External Affairs, Berklee

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“[O]utstanding leadership skills. . . a great amount of talents. . . . a great deal of maturity.”

Dora H. Muñoz, St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church

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Juan Pablo Chavez, Time Square, NY
Berklee NYC LED @ Powerstation Studios